Membership Information

Membership in AGLP is open to psychiatrists who are members of the American Psychiatric Association, psychiatry residents, and medical students. Other health professionals, concerned individuals, and non-APA psychiatrists are invited to become Associate (non-voting) members or Ally Members. Associate Members receive all of the benefits of General Membership. Ally Members receive email notices and the AGLP Newsletter only. AGLP's membership list is confidential.

AGLP is a registered 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

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Benefits of Membership

Subscriptions to the quarterly AGLP newsletter and quarterly peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health;

Access to the AGLP annual meeting, a full schedule of symposia, seminars, and discussion groups concurrent with the annual meetings of the APA;

The ability to receive referrals through AGLP’s online and phone-in referral service;

A listing in the AGLP Membership Directory and the AGLP Referral Directory (you may also elect not to be listed);

Opportunities for networking with other like-minded professionals through events sponsored at the AGLP annual meeting, and through the AGLP email list;

For members in training, a mentorship network, and for professionals interested in recruiting practice partners or employees, the ability to interact with individuals in training across the country; and

Participation in giving voice to LGBT mental health issues to the psychiatric community and the public.

Join AGLP or
Renew Your Current Membership

AGLP Dues Structure:

General/Associate – $285
Medical Student – $0
Resident – $60
Ally – $100
International – $125
Early Career – $125

Additional financial support, above the posted membership fee, is provided by higher levels of giving in our Patron Categories. The funds received above the Full Membership level of giving are used to enhance our educational programming and social gatherings at the Annual Meeting. The enhanced levels of giving are listed below:

Sponsor: $350
Patron: $500
Founder: $1,000

AGLP AutoRenew is an automated payment program that automatically charges your credit card account annually. Your AGLP Membership will be renewed annually on the anniversary date of your intial submission. The selected membership status, along with any contributions you selected (Student Travel donation, Resident Award Donation, etc.) will be automatically applied to the credit card you register on the form for the next five (5) years. You may change or terminate this process at any time.

Monthly payment options are also available in every membership category. Your credit card will be automatically billed each month for one year (12 successive payments) on the day of the month you submitted the first payment. AGLP complies with all security protocols to ensure the integrity of your credit card information.

In addition, contributions are gratefully accepted for the John O'Donnell Memorial Student Travel Fund. Monies from this fund are offered to Medical Students to defray costs associated with travel to the Annual Meeting and the Fall Business Meeting.

A voluntary contribution of $25 is requested to offset costs associated with publication of the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health, a quarterly journal that is forwarded to all Full, Associate, Early Career, Resident, and Medical Student Members as a member benefit.